71Above is one of my favorite bars in town.  It sits inside the tall US Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles.  This is the only place I’ve seen that has a coat rack upon entry (like it’s needed in L.A.!).  Their website suggests a certain dress code, but I’ve seen people in t shirts and ripped jeans before so it’s not enforced.  The view is absolutely breathtaking.  It was the highest bar in Los Angeles last year, but that title has been taken by Spire 73.  The cocktails are amazing and delicious.  The prices are on par with what other hip bars in Downtown Los Angeles and the West Side are charging (about $15 for a drink).  The downside is that the bar area is on a first come first serve seating.  Sometimes it gets so packed that you may need to wait until other patrons leave.  To get reserved tables, you need to opt in for the meals, which are served as 3 course sets (for dinner at least).