Remember to love and take care of yourself first.  Often times we try so hard to please other people that we neglect ourselves.  This is understandable because as human beings, we want to be liked and loved.  This was certainly my experience as a first generation Asian American.  I was pre-med in undergrad because my parents wanted me to become a doctor, but I found out that wasn’t my calling.  I’ve talked to my close friends about this topic recently, and the general consensus is that most are unhappy with their lives in some shape or form.  Life has its ups and downs.  We can always improve ourselves, but we also need to appreciate ourselves. Please don’t mistake loving yourself as being selfish.

I believe this is one of the biggest reasons a lot of us, as a society, are unhappy.  You can always make more money.  You can always be in a better shape.  But rarely do you appreciate the progress you’ve made and the accomplishments you’ve reached so far.  Love yourself mentally and physically, friends.  Money can’t buy health.  Love yourself first and then you can help your loved ones.  I know it’s a very simple concept, but it’s hard to practice.  I still struggle with it at times.  I always try to remember that you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you can put the masks on other people in an airplane.