What are your core values?  Core values are principles or fundamental beliefs set for a person or company to assist them in reaching their goals.  I had a professor in my undergraduate and first graduate programs that challenged me to find core values for myself.  It didn’t make sense at the time because all I cared about was finishing school so I can get a corporate job.  Looking back at it, I’m glad he challenged me to set up my core values.  They would guide me throughout the years.  I’ve refined them a bit into categories, they are:  ethical/integrity, hard work/perseverance, and humility/caring.

These are the building blocks on the actions I take to reach my goals.  I can never do something unethical to succeed in life because I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.  I also learned from mentors that being humble and caring for others are traits that make great leaders.  And with big goals to accomplish, there will be tough times and huge hurdles to overcome.  You just need to work hard and show up to weather the storm.

If you don’t have any core values yet, then I challenge you to think deep and set some up for yourself.  They will help you when times get tough and when you question about making certain decisions.