A mentor and a friend started a company to tackle the issue of mental wellness last year.  As a mentor, he taught me a lot about self growth.  Beyond money, he taught me to love myself first and foremost.  It astounded my mind that a man who is worth 9 figure would be so transparent about his hardship and flaws.  “Amare” means to love in Latin.  The mission of the company is to help regular people feel great about themselves and help people be comfortable and content in their own skin.

This is something that resonates with me.  Growing up with no money, I was depressed in my teens.  I also had low self esteem because I was overweight, and other kids made fun of me because I had an accent.  I thought it was a stigma for men to talk about their feelings, so I never did.  In the recent months, I reached out to friends from different age brackets, races, and backgrounds.  The conversations were usually very in depth, and the transparency allowed me to appreciate them even more.

I came to the conclusion that a lot of people out there are not always happy.  They just don’t talk about it.  A lot of us have ways to cope with issues.  Some turn to alcohol and drugs.  Others may turn to food, and shopping.  Maybe we wouldn’t turn into coping mechanisms like these if we had someone to talk to.  I’m not a trained professional to give advice, so this is simply my thought.

To anyone reading this, feel free to contact me if you need someone to talk to.  Again, I’m not a trained professional, but I know what it’s like to be alone.  That feeling sucks.

If you’re curious to know about the company, here’s a short video (about 3 mins):  http://ltl.is/o3YHk

I had to test the product for myself.  Amare Global offers a variety of products, but I started with their flagship FundaMentals Pack:  https://myamareglobal.com/wj/shopping/product/10-P001-01

The link above has a video that explains the science behind it, but in a nutshell their products utilize the concept of Gut-Brain Axis to affect our mood, mental focus and well being.

The Reboot+ is recommended prior to starting the FundaMentals Pack and came included.  It is a 3 day detox program.  Admittedly, it was pretty hard for me to stay on it.  As you can see from one of the pictures below, the diet is quite strict.  I was living off lentil bean soup, Kale salad minus the dressing, apples, and vegetable smoothies for the most part.

I’ve been on the FundaMentals Pack for almost 2 weeks now.  I’m still a human being so I feel happy, excited, mad, and everything in between just like anyone else.  However, I do notice that I’m more tranquil and able to focus more.  My days are usually long. I wake up at 5AM to go for a run and then I start my day. I usually get home at 9PM.  I used to feel groggy around 5-6PM prior, but now I feel energized throughout the day.

I was told it would take a full month before it would be fully affected, so only time will tell!

This is, of course, only one piece of the puzzle.  It is not a silver bullet.  You still need to couple this with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Edit:  I’ve been on the FundaMentals Pack for about 6 weeks and results are great.  I am more focused, and generally more calm throughout the work day.  The results I have seen with others are even more astonishing.  I’ve met folks who were on prescribed anti-depressants and anxiety pills that were able to get off partially or completely and replaced with the all natural FundaMentals.