The Magic of Thinking Big is one of my favorite books of all times.  It was written decades ago, and aside from the monetary amounts being off due to inflation, the principles are still very applicable.  When we were children, we were taught we can be anything we want:  astronauts, professional athletes, firefighters, etc.  But when we get older, we were taught to be more realistic about our goals.  What happened?  I get it, our parents see the odds are slim, and want us to succeed.

Every time I read this book, I take something new from it.  There is an example in the book that stated we often sell ourselves short.  The book used two job openings as an example; one is a senior position and the other is a regular position.  The regular position got a lot more applicants because that one is more ‘realistic’ or ‘obtainable’ than the senior position.

The book taught me to have big goals for myself, and work my butt off to get there.  Like the old saying goes “shoot for the moon, and if you miss it you will still be among the stars”.

Many of us settle in life because we lack self belief.  Because we settle, we become unsatisfied with ourselves in some way.  Is this how we should live our lives?  This book really hit home for me about two years ago.  I worked at a nonprofit cancer hospital.  It taught me how fragile life is.  We had cancer patients that were young and old.  We only get one shot at life.  Set big goals and go forth to conquer!

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