How stressed out are you?  Many of us don’t take care of ourselves enough.  Some of us work grotesque amounts of hours per week.  Some of us live for the weekends and use coping mechanisms as temporarily relief.  I’ve been working in corporate America since I graduated from college.  At one point, like many other, I wanted to climb the corporate ladder.  As I found out first handed, the more money you command, the more hours you end up working.  Several jobs back, I was working so many hours that I somehow suffered from back spasm.  The doctor said it was most likely due to stress.  I was in a good shape, and was working out at the gym hours prior.  I ended being out of work for three weeks, pretty much just staying on Norco (prescribed pain medicine) during that time.  It took months for me to get back in the gym to return to an active lifestyle.  I’ve always took care of my body, but I saw that as a sign to take care of myself mentally as well.

Remember to love and care for yourselves first, my friends!

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