What is the biggest difference between those who reach their goals and those that don’t?  It’s their belief.  Sometimes our goals are so big that we lack the belief we can accomplish them.  How do we break through our limiting belief?  For me, it’s to find people who’s done what I want to do already and use their stories as motivation.  I also learned to enjoy the journey in the process.  Nothing worthwhile having is going to be a cake walk.  There will be a lot of ups and downs.  You just have to weather the storm.

Growing up, I was always a chubby kid.  I just thought that it’s my biological make up that won’t allowed me to be skinny or fit.  When I started college, the freshman 15 was more like 30-40 lbs.  The picture to the left was when I weighed around 220 lbs.  This was the biggest I’ve been in my life, and my breaking point.  What was my goal at that time?  Honestly, I just wanted to get back down to being a chubby at 180 lbs again.

I cut out eating fast food and drinking soda.  I started working out regularly.  I started doing Muay Thai.  I was losing weight on a consistent basis.  I kept myself accountable by weighing myself every Saturday morning.  I got back down to 180 lbs within several months.  I asked myself “if that only took several months, what if I pushed further?”

I continued to push myself.  I dropped down to 170 lbs and then 160 lbs.  I became addicted to the results.  I was never able to pull ups or run a mile in under 10 minutes.  The picture to the right was me at about 150 lbs, nearly 15 months or so later.  I definitely had my ups and downs.  I always meal prepped and had to turn down a lot of bar foods when going out with friends.

If you would have told me that I needed to lose 70 lbs in roughly over a year, I probably would’ve said that’s impossible or it’s too hard.

I don’t think Apple, Google, or any of the global brands knew they were going to be the powerhouses they are today when they started in their homes or garages either.  They just took action, and kept going.  You can’t make $1 million without making $1 first.  You can’t lose 50 lbs without losing the first lb.  The first step of taking action is the hardest one because if we lack self belief, we become paralyzed.  Sometimes we fear our friends or family will laugh at us, but you need to look beyond that.

I learned that you can do anything you want, and most of the obstacles are inside your own head.  We often make excuses for our lack of self confidence.