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This blog and video is on my friend, Lea Mendoza, who is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as an Energy Healer in Orange County, CA. Lea didn’t know what exactly she wanted to be, but she knew she wanted to help people.

Lea moved from the Philippines and put herself through college. She started her career in sales because she likes building relationships. She gave up her career when she became a mother. After getting a divorce, Lea went back for her master’s degree for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Lea stated that everyone emits energy because our basic make-ups are atoms. We give off energy so you attract those with similar energy you put out.

Lea is an optimist who kept focusing on the long run. The money was always tight, but she always managed to make ends meet. Lea is now in private practice because she didn’t like the corporate politics. Her work in Marriage and Family Therapy led to how she found out energy healing. She was taking calls from clients who were not so friendly. One client was so rude to her that it triggered her due to her history.

Lea couldn’t stop crying so she called her friend, who is also an Energy Healer. Her energy healing friend helped her remove the bad energy from her body. Lea fell in love with the experience so she became an Energy Healer herself.


There are different modalities for energy healing. Chakras are energy generators. There are streets and freeways called energy meridians. They work together. Energy Healers can put their hands above the energy meridians to work on your bodies.

She enjoys helping people with physical illnesses like GERD, Parkinson’s disease, and the likes. Lea said she is just a vessel from the universe to pass through to help people. Anyone can benefit from energy healing. It helps with mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Lea gave tips for the people at home. You need to have a desire to be healthy because someone else can’t force you to have an amazing experience with your own life. With stress, Lea said it’s important to keep it simple. Stress and anxiety occur when you try to control the outcome of the future. It’s important to live in the moment and be mindful of the present. Lea stated meditation is great for helping people with being presence with themselves and getting in touch with the spiritual side.

If you want to connect with Lea, here are ways to do so:

Phone: 714-584-8578

Email: LeaMendozaMFT@gmail.com