Hey friends,

I hope you all are finishing 2018 on a strong note and going into 2019 with full momentum! I’m excited to start my Friendship Project inspired by my meeting and conversation with Rob Lawless of http://www.robs10kfriends.com/

Rob is based in Philadelphia, PA. He set out to meet 10,000 friends from all walks of life several years ago. We connected while he was in Los Angeles, CA. I was able to meet amazing people in the last several years from random places and came to a conclusion that we all have amazing stories to share.

My Friendship Project is to simply connect with others in the Greater Los Angeles area and meet up for an hour to have a meaningful conversation. There are no scripts and no intention, with the exception of being friends. I plan to document the project and the meetings with all the incredible people on my here and social media platforms. A friend is a friend to me, regardless of where we’ve met. Some of my closest friends came from forums, blogs, and social media.

In my journey of self development, I learned to value organic relationships a lot.  If you or anyone you know wants to connect somewhere in the Greater Los Angeles area, I’d love to meet you! Please contact me.