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This is Fifi of www.divinehostess.com

She came from an engineering background but is now in the creative space. She is originally from San Diego and went to graduate school in Los Angeles. Her first job out of college took her up to San Francisco, but she was able to move back to Los Angeles with the job after that one.

While in graduate school, she took courses on how to start and look at business ideas. She launched the DivineHostess project as a result of that. It was originally suppose to be a catering company, but it turned into what it is today. The name for the project came from a bible verse, and the idea is to encourage women to be the best they can be, to be pillars in their communities.

I asked her if it was a difficult change to switch from being a scientific thinker to a creative one. She said that she’s always been strong on the left and right side of the brain. She always loved the creative side of things, and that you don’t need school for it.

She started sharing recipes on Facebook (www.facebook.com/divinehostess) out of stress and loneliness. She eventually had enough recipes for a book. Her scientific train of thought began asking questions like: How to market effectively? How does your writing get discovered online? What time of the day is best to write posts? What type of content is the best? She enjoys building up her brand and inspiring others. She is also passionate about having her own voice. “It’s important to post things that you are passionate about to be authentic even though it may get less reach”. You have to build your tribe.

While she is in the creative field now, she is still open to opportunities from the engineering side. She said, “The ideas we have can be married to the passions and skills we have”. You don’t have to be good at one thing.

Fifi has a different approach to getting things done than most people. She said: “I don’t identify with the word ‘hustle’. I wake up, I meditate, I practice being mindful. It’s not about how fast I move, it’s about how effective I am”

Fifi works with Girls Build LA. She also does public speaking, and sometimes mentees find her via that route. She believes in passing the knowledge she has learned onto the next generation. She enjoys talking to mentees about life skills, difficult situations they may not know what to do, and transitional times such as starting college, starting their career or switching careers.

We talked about life in college and post-college. A lot of what we learn in college is rarely used afterwards. College helps open doors, but you can’t assume people will call you. You have to go get it! There are also other options to get you successful. She also believes that you should pursue the long-term goals, and not be blinded by the short-term. College students should save money so they can pursue the perfect job instead of settling. It’s important to be willing to compromise in areas you are able to.