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This is Siqouyia of https://www.siquoyiablue.com/

She was born in Connecticut, but moved to Virginia early on in life. She went to a performing art high school so that’s how she got interested in the entertainment field. She actually started off wanting to be the next Lisa Leslie and play in the WNBA. When basketball didn’t work out, she asked herself “what should I do? “

She spent a lot of time at a local YMCA and one of the counselors made her sing. She wasn’t good in school, so she turned to music. The YMCA put her in co-ed basketball and she found the guys to be intimidating. Her mom was working a lot so she gave up on basketball, because music came naturally. She picked up music because she can practice on her own. When she turned 14, she realized she could make money from it so she really focused on the craft. She idolized Aaliyah growing up.

Siqouyia moved to Georgia at age 17 with her family. Her goal was to get into school for music in Atlanta. Unfortunately, her parents made too much money for financial aid so she couldn’t attend the school she wanted. Her goal was to get in behind the scenes in the music industry. She ended up taking various odd jobs to make ends meet. She was depressed all through her 20s because she couldn’t pursue her music career. She almost gave up her dream in the music industry at that point.

Eventually, she met someone who could do albums, which helped out. She believes you need to do something that is passionate to you. She said, “you can have the BMW and all that and be unhappy. I don’t want that”.

She went to get her certification in CISCO and was able to earn enough money to live comfortably, but was unhappy. She realized Georgia wasn’t doing it anymore, and moved to Seattle because her cousin lived there.

Her life changed at age 27 when she moved out because she wasn’t exposed to the negative energy. She just wanted her own sanctuary. Even though the music was on the side burner, she was going to pick it up. She was saving up for equipment.

A bad situation in Seattle forced her to move to Los Angeles. She had a successful side business with her ex-boyfriend, but it fell apart due to his gambling issues. She knew she couldn’t care for him due to his demons so she knew she had to move on to follow her dreams.

She found a job at a hospital that would pay her well even though she had to work 7 days a week. She took the job because she didn’t want to depend on anyone. Eventually she became a bit depressed from the job because she had no time to chase her true calling.

Music and motivation videos helped her through her depression in her 20s. She feels like someone is always helping her out spiritually. This also pushed her to learn The Alchemist and she started changing her mindset. Her friends and family wasn’t too supportive of her choice to pursue singing because only a few people make it big. It was not realistic.

She didn’t attract any opportunity because she was thinking negatively when people said she wouldn’t make it at the beginning. She said, “if you are going to tell me to go home, then don’t call my phone. If you’re not going to tell me to hustle, then leave me alone”

She believes people shouldn’t limit themselves. She said she learned to sing from the choir. She also learned from videos and mocked them. Confidence was the sauce. She is now able to sing in front of 100 or 1000 people.

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YouTube: Siquoyia Blue

Cashapp: $kingsiquoyia

Email: info@siquoyiablue.com

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