Hey friends,

This blog is part of my Friendship Project.  I connect with new friends to have organic connections and learn about their stories.  If you or anyone would like to connect with me for this project, please do so!  For more information:  https://www.wisithj.com/2018/12/30/friendship-project-making-new-friends-in-los-angeles-ca/

The way we connected for this meet up was quite adventurous. Nick had relocated to an air force base about 2 hours from me. We met in the middle at this restaurant in the pouring rain (we get about 10 of those days here in Southern CA!). Glad to make it happen because the conversation was awesome.

Nick served in the Air Force right after high school. He knew it was something he had to do because his father and grandfather served as well. He’s currently working for the Air Force as off active duty, and has a business of his own. He said some of his closest friends came from his time in the Air Force, to which he still keeps in touch with to this day. He’s been in the Air Force for almost 20 years.

Helping others is his passion. We talked about our self belief and what we can achieve when we push ourselves. Nick really wants to focus on growing his business in 2019. He said, “prior to this, I would just enjoy having drinks and not do much”. He’s working on becoming more patience. He said “I’m American so I want it now. It’s hard sometimes to be patience”.

Nick said he usually does things twice because he won’t give up if he fails the first time around. He talked about failing his exam for his pilot license the first time, and redoing it again to see if he can pass it, which he did.   He said, “no one is going to see the failure when you make it to the top.”

He went to school for Business Management in Sacramento, but messed around in college for 4 years so he didn’t finish in time. At that time, he received an attractive job offer in Massachusetts so he moved out there. Staying true to his motto of doing things twice, he continued to work on his degree. He used an online program from the military to help complete his bachelor’s degree.

He had his daughter 10 days before turning 30. All through his early 20s, he wasn’t ready to have children. When he had matured enough, he wanted his own kid from being around so many other children. He met his wife in Sacramento, where he grew up, and kept the relationship going while he moved away for the job.

He knew he had to drop the bad habits when he had his daughter. His nature is to care for others first. He moved back to California (Southern CA this time around) to be closer to family because he wanted his daughter to be around family while growing up.

He said you can’t be great and dibble & dabble. You have to focus on one thing. He’s in business with his mom. One of his biggest driving factors is his mom. His mom still lives in the same house he grew up in, but he wants bigger things for her.