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Reborn with a purpose to help others.

Barbara was born in Montreal, Canada. She knew as a kid that she wanted to be in the entertainment business. She met her husband along the way and moved to San Francisco to start a theatre company. She started out as a performer and moved onto become a director and worked for other theatre companies. This was something she loved doing, but the pay wasn’t great so she also taught and produced tours. Some of the neat projects she took part of included working with the Olsen twins during their last year on Full House.

She always enjoyed teaching about mindset more than anything else. The right mindset helps you to have tough skin and become successful. This led her to become a success coach.

She loved helping people, and as a result she put everyone before herself. She was always helping others to become successful, but not for herself. A tragic event occurred right around her 25th wedding anniversary. Her husband died suddenly, after finishing a film called “Letting Go”. This made her shut down her life and business. She went on a search for the meaning of life.

When she got back on her feet, she was faced with yet another set of tragic events. Her mother in law, father, best friend, and brother in law died in short spans of each other. She spent the next 2-3 years grieving and went to studied spiritual psychology during that time. This was for her to heal, not for her to become a coach. She had no idea what was next. She rediscovered that she enjoyed helping other people. This led her to getting certified with Bob Proctor and his program.

I asked her: “How did you get through your dark times?” because she lost so many important people in her life in such a short span of time. She actually wanted to meet them on the other side. She was depressed for the first time in her life. She drank herself into a coma every night.

She took a pottery class, which became a turning point for her. She wanted to make an urn for her husband because she didn’t like the ones she saw. She also lost her memory from the PTSD. She was ‘looping’, meaning she kept seeing her closed ones dying.

It took a while to learn to make an urn. She started taking multiple classes, and she had flashbacks of her childhood and eventually got her memories back. This was the only time she wasn’t ‘looping’ because she had to be present while making the urn.

She said: “when you lose a spouse, you really lose your life as you know it.” She didn’t have anyone to wake up for. One Christmas, she had 250 cards, the next she had 25. Everyone disappeared.

She’s grateful for the ones who reached out and showed her love. It made her decide that if she were to give up on life, she would’ve let those people down.

Self-esteem and self-image are important. We have to pay attention to our deepest thoughts. The work she does is about breaking up the paradigm, patterns and connect them to their truth: who they are in terms of talent and abilities. She said: “If someone thinks I’m not enough, I’m not going to let them get away with that.”

She said we have an epidemic of anxiety in this country. A lot of kids are put on drugs because of high expectancy and pressure. There’s also a lot of time spent that’s disconnected from real connections.

The groups she leads as a coach meet for 12 weeks. She keeps them around 6-8 people in size. The people that attend are accomplished in their own fields. She had a producer who came in that said, “I don’t believe in this shit”.

Her friend recommended her to meet Barbara and that was the only reason she came. She was skeptic at first. By the 4th week, she had landed a $40k speaking engagement deal in Dubai. She then said, “I guess this shit works”. By the end of the program, she had 25 new clients. Now she wants to do the program again!

Her goal is to raise consciousness and revitalize hope for people. This is about changing people for the better. She hopes to be speaking on bigger stages and motivating thousands of people. She hopes to have a team of speakers to work with to raise her voice on a bigger scale.