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Finding your calling that you couldn’t find in college.

Andrew is really into self-development. He has a YouTube channel dedicated to it. When I met Andrew, he was 29 years old (30 now as of this writing). I don’t see too many younger people, especially men that are into the self-care space.

Andrew said his mission is to help people who are struggling mentally, be it depressed or at a lost in life. His demographic is around mid 20s to mid 30s because that’s where he falls in.

He was an introvert growing up. Like many kids, he enjoyed playing video games and kept to himself. He thought that “if you’re shy, you’re seen as less powerful” so he wanted to change that.

It started in high school. When friends invited him to parties, he would go and try to talk to mutual friends. He said the hard part is being your authentic self because it’s being vulnerable.

After he graduated college, he was in a weird state of mind. He said he got a degree that wasn’t useful so he went back to get an engineering degree at age 25. He got a job in the field and that made him feel validated. He was no longer a loser. However, he got let go 5 months after. He was saddened because he felt like everything he worked for got taken away. At 27, he became depressed and sought out to see a therapist.

He tried free therapy in college but it wasn’t too useful because they just said ‘look at the bright side’. This time around, he went on Yelp to look at the therapists nearby. He found a guy that fit his needs, and found that he was reaching down trying to find the root cause.

Andrew described his visit as sketchy! The therapist’s office was in a broom closet in a pharmacy. He healed Andrew from the inside. He knew that he wanted to help other as well after his own experience with the therapist. When he walked in, he felt like his life was dimly lit. But when he walked out, the light was very bright.

I asked Andrew about the drivers he has in life. He said it’s gratitude and being grateful to live life with a purpose. He also said “anyone who’s not driven by materialistic items is lying”. You need things to live, even if you’re a minimalist. You can’t pay bills with hugs and smiles.

He envisions himself with nice things to motivate him, but they don’t define him. He also enjoys being in nature. He simply wants the freedom to do whatever he wants. He ultimately wants to do something that he can build his own platform and speak his voice and speak to others.