Hey friends,

It’s been a while.  Apologies for not being up to date on the project.  As of now, I’m uploading 8 projects  that I’ve done in the past couple months.

This blog is part of my Friendship Project.  I connect with new friends to have organic connections and learn about their stories.  If you or anyone would like to connect with me for this project, please do so!  For more information:  https://www.wisithj.com/2018/12/30/friendship-project-making-new-friends-in-los-angeles-ca/

David is as free spirited as they come. He’s a minimalist. His motto is “if it doesn’t fit in the car, it’s not coming with him”. Even as a kid, he moved around a lot. Originally from New Jersey, but moved to Florida at age 13. After that, he went to live in different parts of the country including California, Wyoming, Arizona, Hawaii, and Ohio. When asked why he moved so much, he said “I couldn’t afford to take vacations so I would move to a new place and live there for 6 months or a year”.

Some people analyze a lot when moving, but not David. When he wants to experience a new culture, he goes online to find an apartment and just move out when he saves up enough money. He started blogging in 2005 to document his amazing journey. San Diego and Maui are his favorites out of the many he’s visited and lived at.

Needless to say, David has taken the unconventional road. “You have to follow your dream. It’s your life; you’re the one that have to get out of bed every morning” is what he said. A cool part of his journey is that he’s met real life friends that started as blog followers.

He believes that there’s a growing need for authentic connection in the world. It’s ironic that the world is connected now than ever, but at the same time, it’s less connected. As a result, he’s toned down his social media usage because it became an addiction.

If you’re not growing then you’re dying. Nothing in nature stays stagnant forever. With this mindset, he’s a man of many interests. He works in acting and writing, but is always shifting gears. He wants to do directing as well. He remembers being a little kid thinking about making movies when he grows up.

He jumped around majors in college than he did moving around the country. He took interesting classes in a major and skipped around. Psychology, world religion, and humanities were some of his favorite majors. He put 6-8 years and got an Associates of Art degree that he collected by default. He said was pursuing the knowledge, not the degrees themselves.

When working in college, he looked at his managers and said, “I don’t want their jobs. They make a bit more but are a lot more stressed. I wanted part time hours because I had time to do things I enjoyed.” He asked if I knew what the golden handcuffs were. I didn’t so he explained. The golden handcuffs are when you make too much money to quit but unhappy so you feel trapped on what to do so you feel like you have to keep going even though not following their dreams.

He did retail, sales, and office jobs in his 20s when he traveled. We connected from an interest in health and wellness. He got into health and nutrition via a girl he was dating and Tony Robbins. He learned on his own afterwards and adjusted his diet after, such as cutting out milk. He felt better when he became a vegetarian. Admittedly, at times he still cheats on a ‘bad meal’. He said it’s fine in moderation.

When asked what he wants to accomplish, he said he’s already considered himself as successful. His goal is to be happy, doing things that are meaningful and have a positive impact to people. All his life, he followed his dream to the best of his ability with the resources available. When he got to do what he wants to do, it allowed him to check off the emotional boxes for accomplishment.

He had a health scare last year, which made him realize that he will die at a certain point. It made him realize that if he were to die, he would feel complete and fulfilled because he’s lived a full life. He’s gone through hard stuff he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy, but surviving through the hard stuff gave him the strength to make it more important not to waste time and pursue what he wanted to go after.

He feels like he’s in bonus time because he’s still so young and has lived more life than most people have in their entire life spans.