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From the corporate life to holistic healing.

Narges’s background was in marketing. She did what we’ve all been taught. She went to college, interned and climbed the corporate ladder. With the exception of two companies, all of the companies she worked at went through lay offs. She counted: five times in 15 years. She got tired of putting the time in to learn everything and getting let go eventually so she took it as a sign. She believed she should be doing something different.

It was ironic yet funny that every time she jumped to a new job (by force), her salary increased as well. The process went: 6-7 months in the market before getting a new job, and then 2-3 years later, she would get laid off again. She got tired of the corporate games and grind.

She wanted to do something that she has control of. She became a reiki master because she was already certified in it. I asked her how it came about because reiki and marketing are quite a ways a part. During one of the lay offs, she was job hunting and dabbled in self-development modalities when she saw an ad for House of Intuition, a bookstore in Echo Park. She looked around and saw a book on reiki, which sparked an interest.

She became certified on level 1reiki while getting another job back in the corporate world. She started practicing on herself and her friends. She continued working to become level 2, which is practitioner level.

She started her corporate career in 2001. This was an interesting time because the Internet was not still common and the connection was pretty slow. Everything marketing related was print back then.

She launched her business in October 1016. She did a mentorship program prior to launching with her reiki teacher. She had the support of her friends and family when she told them she would leave the corporate life for her own practice.

Even though she got laid off many times, the corporate world served her well. She met her husband at her second job.

Everyone has a unique touch so each reiki master’s sessions are different. She’s cured sore throat and headache on herself. It’s hard though because you have to focus rather than focusing.

Distance healing works, but she loves the contact even though there’s no space or time when it comes to healing. Reiki is better to experience than to explain because everyone feels differently. All agrees that it feels relaxing.

Reiki fits her well because she’s always been into helping people as a kid. All kids wanted super powers. Some wanted to fly, while others wanted super strength. She wanted to heal people. She didn’t realize that would be the beginning of her calling.

College was so structured that she never would think she’d be doing this.

We talked about what society expects from you and what you should pursue. She thinks the best part about college is it makes you more well rounded even though you may not using the things you learned.

We talked about going on Facebook Live and how it’s hard for her…possibly because of her project manager mind where everything has to be in order and organized.

She’s about to enter an exciting stage in her life and balancing the acts of motherhood, family, and entrepreneurship. She has to remain careful not to stress too much because of her baby, which will arrive in several months.