Hey friends,

It’s been a while.  Apologies for not being up to date on the project.  As of now, I’m uploading 8 projects  that I’ve done in the past couple months.

This blog is part of my Friendship Project.  I connect with new friends to have organic connections and learn about their stories.  If you or anyone would like to connect with me for this project, please do so!  For more information:  https://www.wisithj.com/2018/12/30/friendship-project-making-new-friends-in-los-angeles-ca/

Here’s to a like-minded friend that I met at a bar. Jeff said the job he has now is not conducive to meeting new friends because his colleagues are much older with their own families. Some of the friends he had moved to other places so he was forced to make new friends.

Jeff thinks that there are four elements to a good friendship: time spent together, common goals, past experiences to share, and good emotions. From experience, he thinks giving an introduction to someone can be a powerful tool. He used an example of his friend in Austin, TX introducing him to a friend nearby in Los Angeles. Jeff and his friend’s friend ended becoming really good friends themselves.

We also talked about online dating since he met up for a date recently. Even while on the date, he maximized his time to make new friends. He said he was at the bar ordering drinks and talked with the bartender because he bartended himself in San Francisco. He prefaced that he’s on a date so the bartender knows Jeff is solely only looking for friendship.   They swapped information, but the bartender never replied back. We talked about how sometimes it can be hard making new friends or sometimes friends just fall off the radar, kind of like online dating.

He used to be an introvert but he’s learned to make himself feel uncomfortable to try new things. One of those new things happen to be salsa dancing. He also enjoys going to new places and talk to random people to hopefully create new friends. I’m appreciative of that since that’s how we met!

We had a hilarious discussion about how neither of us pays attention to pop culture much so we need to find new ways to connect to people because we don’t know about the latest and greatest series that people are hooked on. When he was in San Francisco, he forced himself to become a bartender to break out of his shell and be more outgoing.

He studied a bunch of drinks and got a job as a bartender at age 21. He started at a restaurant in SoCal, but wanted to work at a top tier bar in San Francisco. A connection through a friend up there allowed for the connection.

Jeff said you have to be comfortable in your own skin and happy with yourself. I guess that evolved over time as he made himself go through uncomfortable situations. He also keeps a journal with all of the wins and loses in life which, because he thinks it’s all a numbers game at the end of the day. You win some, and you lose some.