Hey friends,

It’s been a while.  Apologies for not being up to date on the project.  As of now, I’m uploading 8 projects  that I’ve done in the past couple months.

This blog is part of my Friendship Project.  I connect with new friends to have organic connections and learn about their stories.  If you or anyone would like to connect with me for this project, please do so!  For more information:  https://www.wisithj.com/2018/12/30/friendship-project-making-new-friends-in-los-angeles-ca/

A filmmaker who loves to connect people with other amazing people.

Alexia is a filmmaker by occupation. At the age of 11, her mom put her in acting classes to help with her shyness. Unknown to her, that became the start of her self-development process. She got into films at age 16 and fell in love with the art of story telling.

Originally from New York, she came to San Diego one year for the famous Comic Con. She ended up living in San Diego for several months and found her way to Los Angeles. Known for wearing many hats, she started out with acting, then directing and producing. She worked for various film festivals, and events at theaters and cinemas. She even did a featured film.

Alexia believes timing is important. That’s how she got to meet Michael Jackson when she was 21 years old while in Cannes, France. She was at an international film festival. She was handing out flyers when she saw Michael Jackson. She walked up to him and handed him a flyer, and sparked a conversation.

Because he was nice to her, it shaped of how she saw the world and how connections work. There are opportunities out there, and it’s free. While it cost her to get out there, the connections didn’t cost anything.

Her parents dictated her work ethic…if you want it, then you got to get it. Because she has such big goals, she realized it would take more than her. She researched about the inner work and outer work to create manifestation. She said: “You have to make the call to that celebrity first before you get a shot. “

Alexia was always the weird one growing up. Even in college, she was interning on the weekends rather than doing the typical stuff college kids would do. She would arrive late back to the semester because she was at various film festivals. She didn’t fit in doing ‘regular’ things.

I asked her if she felt like she missed out during her college years because she didn’t do the things other kids her age did. She said she had solid friendships and relationships so she didn’t feel like she missed out much.

I asked if school was really necessary to become a director or work in the film space. She doesn’t think school is required to become a director. She loved school, however, for the mentorship that would help her develop into an artist and become more creative. She said what you’re buying in college are the lessons being taught by amazing teachers.

Being that there are so many people in Los Angeles who wants to make it in this space, I asked if there’s any point that she wanted to give up. She said: “there were no times that I wanted to give up because being an artist is something you are, not something you choose.” She didn’t pick being a filmmaker to be a millionaire. She picked it because it’s fun to tell stories.

Staying true to her wearing many hats, she’s also in the financial services industry. She loves the business because she gets to build a brokerage, help people and train agents.

To her, building her brand is the most important part. Whether it’s by films or financial services, it’s all one and the same.  She said films can be more powerful than what people realize. She doesn’t want people to escape their lives through the film, but rather use them for reflection. All the things we go through are universal. There are other people who will be able to relate to it.

She is also into energy healing, and uses her stories to use as a medium. We learn lessons from life. She said “films can affect you in a tremendous way.” She wants to inspire others to live the art life and be more creative.