This blog post talks about how your brain, body, and biome are all connected. Proper nutrition on how to be well, mentally and physically, is discussed along with how often and how much you should eat.

The Holidays can be challenging. Especially with the gloomy weather, depending where you live, it can be sad and depressing. I encourage you to take control of things that you are able to. If you feel like you are alone, you aren’t. You can look at events to join to make new friends. Sometimes we take what we have for granted because we became accustomed to them. Perhaps volunteering (even if it’s just your time) will give you a sense of fulfillment and gratitude.

I had a talk with my friend Adam To, a fitness trainer. He goes deep starting from his childhood and depression to what led him to become a fitness trainer. Ultimately, he wanted to impact as many lives as possible. It’s OK to not be OK!

There are researches that state listening to delta wave music before you go to sleep or as you are falling asleep helps you sleep well (or better). I did some homework and shared my experience with it.